Angelica’s Upward Bound!

With a list of accomplishments that gets longer each year, Angelica’s been living her college dream.  She’s currently on the premedical track at the University of Oklahoma, where she’s the Founder and President of their Doctors without Borders Student Chapter. This summer, she’ll be completing an internship at a hospital in Spain, as part of her research on cancer therapy treatments. Even with her talents and passion, Angelica says that her college journey might have never got off the ground without Upward Bound.

Angelica always wanted to attend school out of state, but she wasn’t sure if her family could afford it. “Without the team’s help with essays, applications, and monetary assistance, I do not believe I would have made it this far,” says Angelica. She never anticipated earning a full ride, but with the help of her team, Angelica “made it” all the way to the University of Oklahoma after earning a National Merit Scholarship.

Since then, she’s continued to surpass even her own expectations. Angelica has been on the President’s List and Dean’s Honor Roll for the past three semesters, adding that “I have more scholarships and awards I can name if you would like, but I feel like these are the main ones.” She plans to go on for a MD/PhD after her undergraduate career to become a pediatric oncologist.

“My main focus is going to be immunotherapy treatment methods for patients with cancer,” she tells us. That means that instead of using chemicals to kill cancer, doctors harness the body’s own immune system to fight the disease. “I am currently participating in a research lab on campus that is working on such treatments.”

We’re very proud of this young woman, and we know she’ll continue to do amazing things.