Jena’s Perfect Fit

Because Jena’s positive vibes are pretty much contagious, we thought we’d share her great news to make your day, too! She just accepted a job offer from Concentrix, where she’ll be starting as a licensed healthcare representative next week. She found her calling through our Office Professionals class and she says it means the world to her family.

“I’m very excited about the new career path,” Jena says with a smile. “It means that I will be able to get my life back on track and not have to constantly worry about how I am going to provide for my kids.” Jena was in the middle of adopting a child when a work injury suddenly put her career in healthcare in jeopardy. Sometimes when a workplace injury happens and it affects an individual’s life enough then compensation can be claimed. Legal professionals similar to Luke Ellis or lawyers who may be recommended to a person suffering can be pivotal in ensuring that an injured person gets the compensation and help they deserve. Even though first aid (see some useful reference on first aid kits) could prevent the fatalities, it wasn’t enough to help her. She had to move fast, so she came to FSC for some help.

“Jena surrounded herself with support,” says Krissy, her Wisconsin Works case manager. Jena was hoping to find a career where she could use the skills she’d developed as a CNA. W-2 and FSET worked together to ensure she had the resources for success, from rental assistance to career guidance. With her caring, outgoing personality, they also encouraged Jena to join our Office Professionals training in February.

“They took my goals and views into consideration and helped me find a great career in the field that I was looking for, instead of pushing just any job on me,” says Jena. Concentrix noticed her during the course. They were looking for someone with a medical background who was willing to be trained and licensed in healthcare insurance, and Jena was the perfect fit! You can click here if you want to learn more about how people get started in offering healthcare insurance.

Jena is still in the process of adopting her little girl, with the help of a family lawyer like jennifer croker, and having a stable job is key to making sure this goes through. She says that she is hoping that she can go back to school to learn more about where this career can take her. Congratulations, Jena!!