Angel’s Success

A man was walking in the woods when he fell into a deep, dark hole. He shouted until a friend came by. Instead of tossing him a rope, though, the friend jumped in after him. “What did you do that for?” he demanded. “Now we’re both stuck down here!” “Yes,” said the friend, “but I’ve been here before, and I know the way out.”

Today, Angel is jumping into some of the deepest, darkest holes she’s been stuck in, because she also knows how to help others out. It all started when she lost custody of her daughters. She lost hope, spiraled into addiction, quit her job, and became homeless. When she discovered that she was pregnant, however, she called out for help as loud as she could.

Angel started treatment programs, applied to Transitional Housing through FSC, and learned about Wisconsin Works. Soon, she had a whole team of people pointing her in the right direction. They helped her find treatment resources and prepare for the steps head. After giving birth to a healthy baby boy, they refocused on moving forward.

W-2 helped her start volunteering with AmeriCorps as a Recovery Coach. Sober for over two years, Angel shines as a ray of hope to those she serves. She knows firsthand how to find resources like W-2, battle a rocky past, and regain control. Plus, the confidence she’s gained from helping her community inspired Angel to look for a career where she could continue to give back.

Now, Angel’s working part-time as a Medical Assistant at Milestone Senior Living. She’s saving for a home and continues to visit FSC in her journey forward. Recently, she was able to get her license back and purchased a vehicle with a WETAP loan. For her, this doesn’t just mean getting to work – it also means spending more time with her children than ever before.

Congratulations, Angel!