Back in the Game!

William knew he’d be a great addition for an employer, if he could just get a chance. He got this chance through FSET, and he’s now making the most of his new full-time job at PendaForm.

“Forward Service [Corporation] should be in every state and every county,” says William, after working with our staff, “I know my experience has been fantastic.” William began the program to get find a job in manufacturing and earn his GED, but he says that “at first I was skittish.” After feeling passed over by employers, he was not sure that the program could work.

It did. “They gave me back faith to even apply for jobs,” he says. Taking time to understand William’s goals, staff pursued every avenue to help him find work. They developed a strong resume, scheduled tours of job sites, and worked together on interview strategies. Soon, he landed a job through the employment agency Diversified Personnel Services. FSET Staff helped make this happen with transportation assistance and money for tools needed at his new job as a finisher with PendaForm.

Although working 12-hour shifts can be tiring, William is thrilled to be working again: “It makes you feel more independent.” He even takes on extra shifts whenever possible. William is also preparing himself for the GED exam. He says he’d like to learn more about advancing in a company by furthering his education. No matter what happens, though, William assures us that FSET brought his confidence back.

Congratulations, William!