Molly Found Her Calling

Molly’s story is one of persevering through any odds. After enrolling in Wisconsin Works, she has found her calling and is heading to college this fall to begin a career as a medical assistant.

Molly has faced down some of life’s toughest challenges. When her mother fell ill a few years ago, she was determined to do whatever it took to care for her. In the midst of this, her family ended up homeless, living in shelters and under the roof of a friend.

Caring for her loved ones nurtured Molly’s deep compassion. Through Wisconsin Works she has turned this into a career goal, where she can continue to care for others. Her experience finding housing gave her the courage to take on any challenge, including starting college again.

Today, Molly is happy to get hands-on experience working with clerical work through her Work Experience with Forward Service Corporation. She likes that it is preparing her for her future as a medical assistant, and she is relieved to have a regular schedule again. Plus, she has just signed a lease and will be moving her family to their new home soon!

Every success gives Molly the motivation to continue moving her family forward. We can’t wait to see what you will do next. Congratulations, Molly!