Badge of Honor

For Richard, carrying a badge is a reminder of the mother he left college to care for and the children he went back to school to make proud. It is about providing for his family and accomplishing a lifelong dream. And it is about serving the community that helped make his dream come true, including his WIOA team.

As soon as he joined the WIOA program, Richard focused on starting a meaningful career. His team immediately helped him search for work and encouraged him to finish college. He soon discovered that he could complete his degree with just a few more classes. Within a few months, he was working nearly full-time while taking classes. To manage his time between family, school, and work, he took one class each semester until graduation.

With the support of his family, friends, and WIOA, Richard decided that there could never be a better time to join the Law Enforcement Academy. WIOA helped him prepare for his interview, and he was accepted into their next class. He graduated after three months of rigorous training, 40 hours a week. Within a month, he had a full-time job in law enforcement.

Richard says that WIOA “made it possible for me to pursue my dream career in Law Enforcement.” He is brimming with confidence and loves being a great role-model for his children. We are very proud of you! Congratulations, Richard.