Savannah Nurses Towards a Future

Savannah wanted to make a better life for herself and her little girl. Living in a small apartment and struggling to make ends meet, Savannah decided it was time to get her GED and start reaching her dream of becoming a nurse.

With determination and a dream, Savannah made her way to our Winnebago office, where she connected with WIOA Career Planner, Bri. Savannah was excited to learn that WIOA could both help cover the costs to take her GED and link her to many other free resources like help with studying, paying rent, finding a way to and from school, and connecting her to hiring employers; literally helping her from start to finish.

With Bri’s guidance and WIOA’s resources, Savannah began to take steps toward achieving her goals and bettering her future. She knew with hard work and dedication she could create the life she and her daughter desired, and she was confident she could do it.

After many long hours of studying and sacrifice, Savannah earned her GED. She went on to complete the CNA course. With these two major life accomplishments, she has opened many doors for herself.

Today, Savannah is on the nursing path in the Associate Degree Nursing program at Fox Valley Technical College. She is doing everything she can to keep her momentum going, including moving into a bigger apartment for her daughter and working on getting reliable transportation.

She even landed a job at Clarity Care as a Home Health Aide. Savannah is determined to make a better life, and these accomplishments are just the beginning.

On a final note, Savannah would like to thank our staff with our WIOA program in the Fox Valley for supporting her through school. “This program has been a huge help with my motivation to get through school even when life got busy,” says Savannah.

Congratulations, Savannah! Your hard work has really made all the difference. We’re so proud of you.

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