A Great Future

Family has always been Allyssa’s top priority. Studying full-time, maintaining the household, or financial concerns would wait until the children were asleep. She knew that continuing her education would be worth it for them in the long run, so she stuck through every obstacle. Relief washed over her when she discovered that the WIOA program could help, and today she has graduated and found her dream job.

Allyssa says she was interested in WIOA because “it was not just a program that was going to help financially [during school] but also help me search for a job.” Transportation assistance kept Allyssa on track for graduation. Meanwhile, learning job-searching techniques and planning made it easier to manage her busy schedule. “It was the small things that really tended to add up,” she says. Setting short-term goals for both her education and her family helped make her long-goals possible.

Soon after graduation, Allyssa found work as a Respiratory Therapist at a local hospital. She says that she is extremely thankful to WIOA for helping her achieve her dreams, and she is happy that she can give her children a great future.

Congrats, Allyssa! We’re proud of your hard work!