Brooke’s Success

As a single mom of three, Brooke put her career goals on hold to raiser her kids to the best of her ability. Now that her children are older, Brooke was ready to focus on those goals and go back to school.

“I chose to go back to school to get my bachelor’s degree and show them that it’s never too late to accomplish your goals in life. My goal was to not only obtain employment but to be employed somewhere I could truly see myself calling my home away from home.  Somewhere that would provide for myself and my children and allow for professional growth” said Brooke.

As a county board supervisor for Fond Du Lac county, Brooke knew about the services available to her. She came to W-2 because she knew the dedication from FSC case managers would be helpful as she started her career search. Her case workers were able to offer her endless support and plenty of opportunities to help Brooke achieve her dreams.

After attending career assessment classes, Brooke was offered a job as a legal assistant at the Outagamie District Attorney’s office.  Brooke said this success has helped her become more financially free, and improved her mental health so that she can be even more present with her children.

Brooke said her goals are “My goals are to continue to be the best I can be in my current position.  To not take a single second of this opportunity for granted and climb the proverbial corporate ladder.   I would also love to start traveling with my children and give them experiences I have not previously been able to do.”

We are all so excited for Brooke, and we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish next in her career!