Building Bridges: Ron’s Story

This winter, Ron was a guest speaker with our Northeast TrANS class. His story of redemption is one for the ages. Ron went from a five-year prison stint to four of the best years of his life, thanks to the honest labor made possible by TrANS. Even Ranard, however, didn’t know the latest surprise in Ron’s story.

“Ron was the best graduate I ever had years back,” says instructor Ranard. TrANS pushed Ron to apply himself and take ownership of his actions, and he worked hard to set himself on a good path. He graduated in 2014 and quickly found work in construction.

Today, Ron is building bridges with Lunda Construction, and he’s been building a life with his bride Hannah for the past year. They just purchased a house and a brand new truck. Plus, Ron surprised Ranard with paperwork showing that he’s been promoted. Ron is the first Northeast TrANS graduate to be promoted to foreman in the program’s history!

“I couldn’t help but feel proud and humbled by the fact we now have a graduate who will be hiring employees,” says Ranard. “He told my class he will bring any of them on.” We hope to see you again very soon. Congratulations all around, Ron!