Learn from Daniel

A few years ago, Daniel wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to work again. A serious car accident left him clinging to life in the hospital, with a broken neck, back, and skull. It took years of therapy and the support of his family to bring him to the point where he could start supporting himself. Just three weeks after joining FSET, Daniel is back to work with the job he hopes he can use to keep others safe.

“Daniel’s long-term goal in the FSET program was to get a part-time job helping people,” says Vicki, his FSET Account Representative. “He wanted other people to learn from his mistakes.” Daniel was continuing speech and physical therapy (perhaps from clinics like PT Advantage), so his FSET team helped him find an opportunity to adjust to life back in the workforce.

He started volunteering at Diversion House, which provides temporary housing to people with mental illnesses. They soon discovered Daniel’s passion for music. He started running a Music Therapy Group, which both he and the residents loved. This type of passion for something can give that drive and determination to keep going, it can help alleviate stress and anxiety about going back out into the world and dealing with personal issues.

Some who attend therapy groups like this will also see how else they can get support, either through medications monitored by their doctor or seeing how they can Buy CBD gummies UK products to manage their stress levels. Altogether this can be hugely beneficial.

Meanwhile, the FSET team helped Daniel put together a resume and cover letter and start practicing for interviews. The next thing they knew, Daniel was asking for a job reference. He was quickly hired as a Support Staff member at St. John’s Homeless Shelter, where he checks in residents and mentors those in the shelter. Daniel says that “FSET was extremely helpful in the sense that the program gave me encouragement and motivation during a difficult period in my life.”

Congratulations, Daniel!