Finding Inspiration

With five children at home, Tranace is a pro at management. Even so, when she decided to switch careers, she needed some help juggling family and a job search. “I moved to Wisconsin to be a better mother to my kids and motivate myself more,” says Tranace. That’s when she joined Wisconsin Works and started on her unexpected path to success.

Tranace had a passion for personal care giving, but one hurdle after another kept popping up. Her W-2 team helped Tranace steer in a different direction: fast food. At first, she thought they were nuts, but it didn’t take long for her to realize that it was actually a perfect fit.

“Fast food inspired me!” she says. Within four months, the managers at Panda Express offered her a promotion to Team Lead. Now she’s working full-time and says she finally feels motivated to finish school.

Tranace says that the folks at W-2 were great at listening to her concerns and working them “one by one” until they were resolved. “It helped out a lot. Just tell yourself not to give up, ladies.”