Carrie Books Her Ticket to Success

Wisconsin Works participant Carrie and her baby.

That sweet baby girl means everything to Carrie, who joined Wisconsin Works shortly after her daughter was born. Today, Carrie knows her baby is at a loving daycare while she reboots her career and starts saving for their family home. However, she came to us to help her family when the pandemic threatened everything she’d built.

Somewhere we’d gladly travel beyond

Carrie was going on seven years in the travel industry when the pandemic hit – and coronavirus was not kind to the travel industry. Carrie was furloughed in January, then laid off. Next thing she knew, she was trying to stay calm while pregnant and depleting her life’s savings to survive.

Everything changed after Carrie learned about Forward Service Corporation.

Carrie’s Wisconsin Works team helped support her family with cash payments, secure the best daycare possible, and expand her skillset. She looked for work with her job developer, who provided resume guidance and job leads. Carrie also worked with her case manager, Sarah, to find resources to propel her dreams forward.

Because we could now travel both

“Once Carrie started walking down her new path, we could see relief with every step she took,” Sarah says. She knew that Carrie hoped to continue her career in the travel sector, so they worked together to pinpoint opportunities she’d enjoy.

Their diligence paid off when Carrie was offered a position with Fox World Travel. Sarah says, “once she was offered the job, she was so excited and on top of the world.”

Before her first day, Carrie also secured her top choice of daycare – which every parent knows is the biggest relief possible when you have to say goodbye to baby for the first time.

Today, Carrie is saving for a home, rebuilding her retirement account, and enjoying every moment with her little girl. Congratulations, Carrie!

Carrie benefitted from the following programs: