Welcome Inspector Paul

Paul in his new uniform as Plumbing Inspector.

“I have been blessed by God throughout my life with good things happening to me when I am in need,” writes Paul. He’s a master plumber whose finances went down the drain, so to speak, after he hit some tough situations.

“I was eating caviar. Due to circumstances, I had to eat sardines,” Paul told Angel, his case manager with the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program. Paul once owned a successful business, but it was physically tough on him, and he needed to find a new pipeline to success.

Sardines never tasted this good

Paul says that Angel was “nothing short of a godsend this time, as I was feeling down and out for a while without employment. She is like a walking encyclopedia of knowledge helping me with programs that will help me to find employment.”

When Paul got started with FSET, Angel helped him find the path he was excited to walk down and gave him the resources and encouragement to go for it. Paul decided to start investigating courses in plumbing design, hoping to get back into business. He looked for employers that would support his aspirations, finally eager to apply for work again.

FSET also provided gas and clothing vouchers, so Paul could travel to interviews and look his best.

Ready for caviar again

In no time flat, Paul accepted his new position as Plumbing Inspector with the City of Kenosha. Paul says, “this new position will, God willing, be my final job to retirement. It’s given me a sense of self-worth, which is nothing to be taken lightly.” The City is even giving him the chance to continue his education in plumbing design, and Paul couldn’t be happier.

“The positive attitude everyone at Forward Service Corporation gave me really prompted me to go for this job,” Paul states. “I am grateful for all Forward Service Corporation and Angel have provided me and will promote their program to anyone in need. They know how to get the job.”

Thank you, Paul. It was our pleasure!

Paul benefitted from the following programs: