Cecilia’s Motivation for Success

With a baby at home and another on the way, Cecilia couldn’t pull 12-hour shifts with mandatory overtime anymore. She’d worked in production for the past two years and earned a promotion to line lead. Nonetheless, Cecilia realized that her family’s well-being depended on finding a different work environment. She left her job on good terms, joined Wisconsin Works and FSET, and started training. Just a few months later, and Cecilia started the full-time job she hopes will turn into a long-term career.

Eager to find a career with great pay and family-friendly hours, Cecilia joined our Call Center Professionals course. She got hands-on experience using computer systems, managing customers, and developing the professional skills she needed to start in the field.

“My family is my motivation,” Cecilia told her class during graduation. They’re the reason why she stays focused on her career and why she’s so grateful that these training options are available to her through FSC.

A few weeks after graduating, Cecilia started her new full-time job as a receptionist at the Bay Oral Surgery and Implant Center through Cadre. She plans to save up, treat her family to vacation, and eventually to go back to school to become a dental assistant.

Congratulations, Cecilia!