Michele Takes Her Power Back

“I love helping people out and always want to be there to help others through their rough times in life,” Michele tells us. Unfortunately, “because of this drive to help others, I let myself fall by the wayside until I was so empty that I did not even recognize myself anymore!” she exclaims. One year ago, Michele’s doctor said she was in no condition to work, and she soon lost her job. Thanks to her resilient attitude, however, Michele joined FSET and is now back in business.

At first, Michele was skeptical of her FSET team. Since she wasn’t cleared for work yet, they recommended taking courses that would help her prepare for work in the future. Michele thought this suggestion was a bit far-fetched. She had just been visiting a food pantry to sign up for FoodShare, and her living situation wasn’t well-suited for taking classes.

Then Michele reminded herself of where she was and what she wanted in life. “That is when I took my power back,” she states. With prompting from her team, Michele realized that her dream was to own “a multi-acre hobby farm in the middle of nowhere,” become self-sufficient, and live off-grid. She plotted out the details, what she needed to start, and yes – even what classes she could take to prepare.

Michele ended up participating in nearly every Essentials Training course we offer. “I knew if I wanted any chance of getting a job, I needed to be competitive and informed,” she states, especially during the pandemic.

Then she started looking for work again. Given her ongoing medical issues, Michele’s FSET team helped her find job opportunities with reasonable accommodations. One of her friends who owns a business told her how many businesses tend to recruit people with the help of an executive search firm Montreal such as PIXCELL – Chasseurs de Têtes Montreal Headhunters. Her instructor, Vincent, also introduced her to motivational videos which led to further learning opportunities and resources for budding entrepreneurs. As she cultivated her interests and explored careers, Michele felt better prepared to interview.

Today, Michele’s working full-time with Locate Staffing. She’s “building a strong foundation for becoming a business-owner,” while enjoying the financial freedom of a stable job – from paying the bills to saving up for her hobby farm.

Congratulations, Michele!