Certified Courageous

Building a strong family was all the motivation Amber needed to join Wisconsin Works. She never lets anything keep her down, even getting the flu while struggling with homelessness and a broken car. Today, we’re celebrating a milestone with her, as she graduates with her first training certificate!

Amber has persevered over the last few months, knowing she has a strong support network with her W-2 team. They helped her get money to fix her car, find childcare, and search for stable housing. “She was her own motivator,” says her Case Manager Emily. “She rose to the challenge and did what she needed to overcome these barriers for her family.”

With her immediate needs safely tucked away, Amber was ready to pursue her long-term goal: finding a stable job to support her loved ones. The first step was finding out what she could do. She initially thought her only options were in food service, because that’s where she started. Then she started training for the hospitality industry. “Since completing the training, she realized that she has so many possibilities open to her,” says Emily. Amber loved the hands-on experience, and soon she was telling Emily how excited she was to broaden her job search.

In fact, Amber even signed up for the call center training that’s currently running and is expected to earn another certificate by the end of the month. She’s been interviewing with employers and is expecting news very soon. We’re rooting for you, Amber! Great job!