Success is Coming Her Way

Miranda earned an Associate’s Degree so she could get ahead in life. When it turned out the job market wasn’t looking for someone with her credentials, however, she found herself between a rock and a hard place: keep earning just above minimum wage, or go into massive debt to earn another degree and hope for the best. She decided to visit the Job Center for advice. That’s when she learned about WIOA, and soon she was charting a path around her obstacles toward a career she loves!

“She is one of the smartest ladies I know and was not going to let curve balls stop her from achieving her dreams,” her Career Services Specialist John tells us. “But her school before didn’t give her much career advice.” She realized that she had a very general credential in Arts and Sciences, so they talked about how she could pursue a degree that could help her find a career with good wages. WIOA funded her education with money for tuition, books, and testing fees. This gave Miranda the flexibility to work part-time during her studies and the time she needed to explore the in-demand labor market with her career counselors. For the next two years, she raced toward the finish line, graduating with high honors, earning her nursing license, and starting her career as a registered nurse!

Miranda says that her parents, nursing instructors at NWTC, and WIOA staff were her key supporters. “She deserves everything that’s coming her way,” says John. Great job, Miranda!