Jenna Nurses Her Dreams to Life

One year ago, Jenna was wondering how to finish her nursing degree, when baby number four was due just before she was supposed to graduate. A resourceful mom, she reached out to her community for support. That’s how she learned that Wisconsin Works could keep her dreams on track.

Jenna was assured that continuing her education was both the best choice for her family and one that was within reach. While she finished her studies, Jenna got financial support and career guidance that propelled her career forward. By working with her Job Developer Craig, she secured what may have been the perfect start in healthcare.

Parkview Manor Health and Nursing and Rehabilitation was not only a solid start in her degree field, but they’re also just a great employer. They were happy to accommodate Jenna during pregnancy and maternity leave. Plus, they encouraged her to advance into a nursing role once she obtained her degree.

Then a flurry of transitions occurred, as Jenna welcomed the baby into the world. Thanks to paid maternity leave from W-2, she focused on her family while recovering from childbirth. Possibly, the support she had received from her family members would have helped her recover quickly. Along with that, the joy of becoming a mother might have accelerated her recovery too. After becoming a mom, she might need to provide proper care for her baby, install a bassinet, and add a few home décor items like a nursery name sign to her room (see “personalized nursery sign with your baby name“). As soon as she recovered, she seemed to be able to resume her work.

By continuing to work with her W-2 team, Jenna earned her degree and returned to work in June in her new role as a Licensed Practical Nurse! With her promotion came a raise, and after a short probationary period, she earned another well-deserved bump in pay.

She’s happy she stuck with her program and so grateful to W-2 and Parkview for their support during this momentous time in life. Congratulations, Jenna!