Tracie’s Transformation

“I never thought my life would turn out this way, but I’m sure glad it did,” says Tracie. Last year, she was homeless, jobless, and penniless— but she was also gloriously independent for the first time in her life. Tracie and her 14 year-old daughter were safe, after more than a decade of abuse. Now that Tracie finally had her wings, she joined FSC to learn how to fly.

“I started attending the W-2 program, learning all over again in a different world how to be independent,” says Tracie. She learned everything from how to find work to how to ride the bus. “I know that sounds silly, but I had never done it before,” she states.

She had also never been allowed to find work before. Our Essentials classes helped Tracie get her footing, with practice interviews, resume writing, and more. She also got vouchers for transportation and interview clothes and signed up for FoodShare. This gave her a big boost, qualifying her for additional job searching help through our FSET program.

With our team at her back, Tracie earned her first job as a crew member at Burger King. She was so grateful for the good starting wage that she did whatever it took to excel. Her hard work paid off, and she was promoted to a managerial position within just six months!

“During these past nine months, [my case manager] Sonya has kept in contact with me, encouraging me the whole way,” Tracie states. “This program works great, as long as you put your all in.”

Tracie says that learning how to take advantage of her freedom has transformed her into a new person. She is saving up for a car and is “overflowing with hope and gratefulness.”

Congratulations, Tracie!