Margaret’s Success

Margaret seemed to be doing everything right to get ahead— training, showcasing her talent, and earning certificates. Nonetheless, she recalls having “a 3-ring binder of certifications and licenses but not making enough money to make ends meet.” Margaret felt like she was drowning in a job market that just wasn’t giving her a chance. That chance came when TrANS staff helped Margaret get the notice she deserves.

“I chose TrANS because of the relationship I had with Tucker’s Truck Driving Academy,” says Margaret. Mr. Tucker knew she was having a hard time finding local jobs that used her CDL. He also knew that Margaret could thrive in construction if she had the right connections.

TrANS was just such a connection. As soon as Margaret saw the job leads that were available through the program, she asked herself “How could I refuse?” She plowed through the training at record pace and networked with some of the top contractors in the state. Lorie, our TrANS Coordinator, was eager to show Margaret her potential in the industry. She invited Margaret to network at the Golden Shovel Awards, where “Margaret really shined and promoted herself with several of the bigger contractors,” says Lorie. She adds that “all were impressed and offered her interviewing opportunities.”

“I have been hired by the Walbec Group and am making the most money I have ever made in my life,” says Margaret. She’s since earned an apprenticeship with the Laborers’ Union and states that “the opportunities for advancement are endless here.”

With a life-changing career underway, Margaret finally has money to spare— and she’s using it wisely, too. She put money down on a home, invested in stocks, and gives back regularly. She even paid over a year of her mother’s mortgage, “and I still have money saved up in both my banks,” Margaret states.

What a difference! Congratulations, Margaret!!