Kathleen’s Success

Kathleen started working in dental offices over 25 years ago. At the time, it didn’t require a diploma, so she left high school, started her family, and maintained a steady income doing what she knew and loved. When 2020 rolled around and she lost her job, however, it was tough getting back. A lot of offices were temporarily closed due to coronavirus. Even with her extensive experience, she couldn’t get in the door without a diploma. She came to FSC for options, and we’re happy to say that she finally feels right at home in her new job.

That’s because working with our team helped Kathleen find another dental office that was happy to give her a chance. She joined both our Wisconsin Works and FSET programs, to support her family and learn what employers in today’s market were looking for. She learned how to secure interviews and showcase her long list of skills, while her team provided tailored job leads and resources.

Today, Kathleen is happy to be back in an office at Forward Dental. She’s positive about her outlook and loves the environment. Lesson learned though: she plans to keep working with her FSC team to earn her GED, just in case.

Congratulations, Kathleen!