Keeping Connected

When Myra sees a great opportunity, she jumps into it with both feet forward! After just two weeks with Wisconsin Works, she co-enrolled in FSET, joined a training course, got a job, and is moving forward with more connections than ever before.

After moving to Green Bay, Myra knew that finding a solid network in her new home would be key, both to her job search and to find resources to care for her child. That’s when she enrolled in Wisconsin Works. When she met with her case manager, she was happy that they immediately started discussing next steps. She signed up for a resume workshop and started creating a plan of action. When she learned that the FSET program could give her more support in her job search for doing the same activities she had already started, she was eager to sign up.

By the end of her first week, Myra was already preparing for the upcoming Job Fair. She struck a positive note with the staff from Homes for Independent Living right away. They offered her a full-time job, starting at the beginning of March!

Myra is thrilled to have a stable job that makes her feel excited to wake up each day. Plus, she says that the start date was perfect, since it gave her just enough time to finish her Job Skills Training course with us before moving into her new role. Since she is still working with our programs, she feels like transitioning back to the workforce is easier than expected. With continued support, she knows that her family will have the resources they need to chart a bright future.

Congratulations, Myra!