Kristen is a pretty handy person to have around – that’s one of many reasons we love her! She was known as a jack-of-all-trades, while working in retail. After encountering some rough personal circumstances, however, she realized that she didn’t have all the tools she needed to find out what she really wanted to do in life. She came to FSC to get the tools to craft her dreams.

Kristen had already started to figure out what she enjoyed about her previous job – customer service, stocking, and working in the warehouse. She was hoping to find a different environment where she could build on these skills and find a long-term career. Kristen had been in Wisconsin Works before and knew that co-enrolling in FSET could help her grow and care for her family while she was finding her path. They also recommended something she wasn’t expecting: training in construction.

“Kristen has a tenacity about her that she doesn’t always notice,” says Amber, with W-2. Kari, with FSET, also noticed Kristen’s passion for hands-on work. They encouraged Kristin to apply for the TrANS construction training program. Her instructor Ranard quickly became another key advocate as she realized her dream. With a full team at her side, says Amber, “Kristen grew as a professional, friend, and mother, and she was able to find a job that fit where she wanted to be.”

After graduating from TrANS, Kristen is getting her start in carpentry with a full-time job at De Pere Cabinet, Inc.. She’s regained her confidence and loves being able to put her training to work and be the mom-of-all-trades her family needs. Congratulations, Kristen!