Positioned for Success

Ashley is a textbook example of professionalism. A few months ago, however, she decided that she wanted a new profession. She came to FSC to learn how to make that happen, and now she’s making homes smarter around Wisconsin.

“Ashley was already positioned for the career of her dreams but just needed the right connection,” says Alleigh, her Wisconsin Works case manager. Getting those connections became their focus. She volunteered in the front office at FSC, to earn a reference and sharpen her skills. They referred her to YWCA Women’s Career Closet to find professional clothing for interviews, and she practiced interviewing with her Job Developer, Craig.

It wasn’t long before she got a call back from WeConnect, a local smart home provider, who was eager to hire their newest customer support specialist. “Ashley feels like she has finally found her dream job,” says Alleigh. “She wants to keep learning and growing to continually improve her skills and hopefully move up in the company.”

Congratulations, Ashley! We’re very proud of you.