Rhonda Rises Above

Rhonda is a wonderful mom who puts her heart into everything she does. As the devoted assistant manager of a local thrift store, she thought she had the career she’d always wanted. Then health issues got in the way. She came to FSC to put her family back in control of their lives, and now she’s putting other people in the driver’s seat at her new job with Koehne Chevrolet!

The hardest thing Rhonda had to do was find a new path. Once she decided on it, her wholehearted effort made everything else fall into place. John, an FSC Job Developer said that “Rhonda always wanted to get back into retail/thrift stores or put her automotive experience to use,” having owned an auto-detailing company.

Before long, Rhonda was back in the saddle, volunteering at a local thrift store. In fact, they were so impressed that they offered her a position as a Team Lead. Unfortunately, the ongoing job duties did not match her medical needs, making it impossible to keep this position. While Rhonda was heartbroken, she was also determined to dig down deep to figure out where she wanted to go in life. “It was a gutsy reassessment period,” John tells us. In the end, “she found her second dream job…hired by the city’s largest automotive dealer!”

Koehne Chevrolet immediately noticed Rhonda’s passion for the industry. She’s been working in their sales and customer retention department for several months now. She hopes to grow with the company and even feels more confident as a parent. Always the role model, she wants her story to show her son that there is always a way to rise above any challenge. Congratulations, Rhonda!