Lah’s Success

Today we celebrate Lah, who has found his way to self-sufficiency through the Road to Livelihood program.

In 2020, Lah and his family came to the U.S. as refugees. From the time they arrived, they felt welcomed by a supportive community. However, Lah’s job was far from his home, he was not yet familiar with the public bus system, and he did not have a driver’s license. This made it difficult for him to find time to learn English, study for his driver’s exam, and spend time with his family.

Led by a clear sense of purpose, Lah worked with us to break down his barriers to his dream. The Road to Livelihood program helped him develop a new resume, search and apply for jobs, and practice interviewing. His caseworker also enrolled Lah into FSET, where he was able to get a bus pass, gas vouchers, and even new work boots.

Soon, Lah found himself with an offer from Advanced Coatings Inc. It’s much closer to home, and he even received a full benefits package for himself and his family. Through our network of community services, he was able to learn the city bus system and learned about a tutoring program to help him with his English language studies. He was even happy to report that he just passed his driver’s test!

Lah says that thanks to FSC, he finally feels in control of his life and on track to becoming fully self-sufficient.