Top 5 Ways to Sweeten Your Resume

Here at FSC, we know applying for jobs can be a bit scary, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got 5 easy tricks up our sleeves to make your job search feel more like a treat.

+Use language from the job listing

Most of the time, your resume will be sorted by an AI algorithm before someone looks at it. Using key words from the listing will help the algorithm know you’re qualified, and makes it clear that you have the experience they are looking for!

+Include some skills

Make sure you list some of the key skills you want to highlight that might not be listed in one of your work experience points. Say that you have just received your certificate for either an IBM or Google Data analytics course (Wondering Which data certificate is better? If yes, then check out for an answer). This means that you might have studied Python or R programming language in depth. Now, if you put these coding language skills on your resume, it can show that you are hard-working and value the development of your knowledge base. So, chances are, IT companies that use either of the two frameworks might get impressed by your resume. Needless to say, you would have higher chances of getting shortlisted.

+Consider adding a bio

Adding a short bio about yourself will help the hiring managers learn a little bit more about you before your interview. You can also consider attesting a cover letter (sites similar to could be helpful in this regard) with your resume, as it can help you stand out from the crowd.

+Infuse some personality

A resume is your first chance to express yourself in the interview process. whether its adding a picture, using some of your favorite colors, or even adding a nice pattern boarder, there are plenty of ways to make your resume feel professional AND personal.

+Save and submit your resume with your name

Most hiring managers get hundreds of resumes a week. Saving your resume as “Resume” makes it harder for them to find. Saving the file as your name+ resume will help the hiring manager find your resume quickly, making sure it never gets lost in the shuffle!

A note of caution: While you might add all the good things about you in the resume, keep in mind that those things need to be proven during the interview. For instance, if you have written that you possess good interpersonal communication skills, there is a high chance that the interviewers would test it in reality. Most importantly, you should know that firms usually conduct background checks before hiring new recruits. It might also include a preliminary drug screening; one that is generally accomplished through reputed third-party services like Health Street (they are known to offer Central Iowa drug testing) or others like them.

So, be sure to write your bio honestly in your resume. Chances are that if you lie about your past because you might have been a victim of substance abuse or committed a felony, then the background check test could prove to be fatal for you. You may even end up losing the opportunity.

So, it is crucial that you write honestly about who you are in your resume. Otherwise, you may be tagged as a liar who misguides firms. Know that this tag can have serious legal consequences which might not be good for your career.

Anyway, coming back to the topic, Do you need a little help with formatting?

Explore these easy to use templates from Canva!

And if you’re looking to add more skills or just want a little extra support, our team is always here to help! Check out our services to see how we can help you find a career you love and say goodbye to those Sunday Scaries for good!