Laura Finds Her Path

New chapters can allow us to reinvent ourselves and see new possibilities. A chance at a new career can be incredibly rewarding, whether someone is thinking about building on their resume by taking on home inspector jobs for a chance of getting into the real estate sector, to someone taking an office position to build up to manager status, there is something for everyone. Recently, Laura started a new chapter of her life, as she transitioned to a new career and accepted a full-time job. She is now realizing her potential for change and self-sufficiency, but turning that page wasn’t easy.

Driven to Succeed

Not so long ago, Laura was on public assistance. She had a child at home but spent most of her time at work. She felt she needed to improve her employment materials, like her resume and interviewing skills, and she wanted to transform her communication, work ethic, and leadership qualities.

It was a lot to take on, but Laura was eager to get started, so she could spend more time with her son.

One day, she took it upon herself to seek help. She found Forward Service Corporation.

Improving Her Skills

Danielle and Chasong, Laura’s case managers, say her goals were clear: she wanted to learn new job skills, overhaul her resume, and develop new interviewing skills. In short: she wanted to crush it.

Through the Wisconsin Works (W-2) and FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) programs, Laura was connected with assistance while she began paving her new path. She received financial assistance in the form of gas vouchers and new work clothes, while reviewing possible new careers.

This lead her to enroll in our six-week Logistics Professionals course. During that time, Laura’s FSC team continued to help. When she was feeling overwhelmed, “[my team] wouldn’t give up on me,” Laura commented. Laura excelled at her coursework, and upon graduation she was prepared for any interview, with a polished new resume and new skills to match. Like Laura, there are many people who would like to learn new skills in order to obtain a new job that offers more benefits. To achieve this, they usually turn to platforms like Skillshare, which offers a variety of courses to fit everyone’s needs. In case you would like to enhance your expertise in a specific field for better job prospects, you can also take relevant Skillshare Courses. Additionally, you can obtain certifications proving that you have learned a specific course.

Full-Time Employment

It only took two months for Laura to start a new career after she approached Forward Service Corporation and enrolled in the Wisconsin Works (W-2) and FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) programs. Laura learned all-new skills, interviewed, and found a higher-wage job in less than eight weeks. She plans to be with the job for a long time and feels like she’s found her calling.

What does she attribute it to? Laura says that her instructor, “Linnea increased my self-esteem and made me feel worthy.” But we know that it starts and ends with the individual. Laura’s determination to achieve her goals is an example for everyone.

Congratulations Laura! Best of luck in your new career.

Laura Benefitted from These Programs