Makhia’s Expecting Great Things

Imagine studying for your finals with one youngster at home and another on the way. That would be enough to make anyone gulp, but when Makhia learned that she was expecting again, she knew that it was now or never. She signed up for Wisconsin Works and FSET to earn the diploma she needed to strengthen her family, and this summer she’s done it!

Makhia realized that earning her HSED was the first step toward finding a job that could support her growing family. She had previously worked in customer service and healthcare, but her pregnancy made it difficult to find work in those fields. “I still had a child at home who had needs,” she tells us. “That was a HUGE challenge when I didn’t have a job.”

Wisconsin Works helped Makhia with cash assistance throughout her work search, but to get her enrolled in school, her case manager introduced her to the FSET team. Through them, Makhia immediately enrolled in Blackhawk Technical College‘s GED Fast Track program. As she passed one test after another, her anticipation turned into excitement. She eagerly reported each score to her case manager. By the last test, “I was on pins and needles waiting for the results!” she says.

Makhia plans to put her new HSED to use as soon as possible to find a great career. “None of this would have really been possible without the W-2 and FSET programs!” she says. “ W-2 helped me continue to pay my bills and take care of my daughter, while FSET helped me study for the HSED and tests!”

Great job, Makhia! We’re excited to see where you go from here!