Mat’s Triumph

The clock was ticking. Matheau was living in a temporary home and had just 90 days to get on his feet. He didn’t have any income, transportation, or even a driver’s license, but he did have someone in his corner who told him about FSC. Thanks to that referral, Mat got more than a solid start: he also got some wheels, a raise, and the ability to advance.

Mat’s triumph started when he joined FSET late last December. He immediately ramped up his job search, got transportation vouchers, and connected with local landlords. In just a few weeks, Mat started a new job at Jack’s Maintenance and was settling into a new home. He even got vouchers for household items, thanks to our great partners at St. Vincent de Paul.

Life was looking up, but Mat had to work part time on the night shift, because of an irregular transit schedule. His FSET team wasn’t about to let transportation limit his potential. They recommended WETAP.

“WETAP has been amazing and helped me get a vehicle in this difficult time,” says Mat. With an interest-free loan, Mat was able to get a reliable car, switch to the day shift, and increase to full-time hours. Mat shared that he hopes to move up to a management position now that he has a good starting point.

“Everything is great!” Mat exclaimed when Meri, his Mobility Manager, called to check in on him. “My car is fantastic and runs smoothly, and Appleton Motorcars made sure the engine and transmission are good.” Mat is the first client who’s benefitted from our new partnership with Appleton Motorcars, and he couldn’t be happier.

“Matheau has been so excited about his success and the support he received from Forward Service Corporation,” says Meri. “He has referred several others from temporary housing.”

Congratulations, Mat, and thank you for sharing your success!