Meet Jamie

Losing a job can take its toll on a person, and Jamie knows this more than anyone.

After working with employers that never seemed to think her work was good enough, Jamie started to believe it too. It was a huge blow to her personal life and her confidence when she lost her job. She had to figure something out quickly because her sons were relying on her. She decided to visit our Adams County office to learn about our programs, and it was there that she met the people that would help her get her confidence back.

Jamie said “I walked into Forward Service Corporation with my head down thinking I was going nowhere.” Holly, her Account Rep, quickly saw just the opposite saying “[Jamie] is kind, intelligent and has a lot of potential, she just needed to realize that.” So they worked one-on-one to start getting some of her confidence back.  Once she was ready, Jamie began a Work Experience with Villa Pins and her supervisor, Jill, said that she is constantly going above and beyond what is asked of her. She was hired on in their Dietary Department part-time and she continues to volunteer for reception and as an activity aide.  Working with the residents has helped her grow, and support her family.

Holly said “she is a completely different person than the one I met when she first walked into the office, and I am so proud of her.”

Congratulations Jami- we’re all so proud of you!