Necole Finds Family Here

For Necole, family is one of the most precious things in the world. Her mother has been her key ally throughout life, and she loves her children like they are made of pure gold. So we knew her recent success meant a lot to her when she approached her Wisconsin Works team and told them, “You are all like my family.”

“We were more than happy to help!” said her case manager, Christa. Necole started working with Christa almost two years ago. Although Necole’s mother was extremely helpful with daily activities, Necole was struggling to keep a good job.

With Christa’s support, Necole volunteered at numerous locations, completed classes, and even found literacy support. “She was willing to try anything to support her family,” says Christa. Necole’s friendly demeanor made her a great office assistant, and she even volunteered as a housekeeper. Despite her progress, Christa noticed that Necole was still having a hard time doing things independently.

Christa asked Necole if she would be willing to take an assessment with RCS Empowers, Inc., a partner of ours who helps people with disabilities. The results provided new grounds to begin pursuing Social Security benefits to help Necole take care of herself and her family. Christa quickly connected with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the local Aging and Disability Resource Center to coordinate the Social Security application and hearing.

Working together, they succeeded in helping Necole and her family find new stability and resources with Social Security benefits. This means she will receive a regular income to care for her family while she works with people who can nurture her independence. When she got the news, Necole told our team that “You are all like my family. Thank you for your love, help, and understanding.”

We are so happy for you. Congratulations, Necole!