Open Eyes, Bright Future

When Gregory enrolled in TrANS, he soon found himself juggling classes, homework, and his second shift job—it was hard for him to even find time to sleep. Taking a risk, Gregory decided to quit his job and focus full-time on TrANS and learning everything he could about construction. Now the only regret he has is not taking that risk sooner.

“That was a little scary,” Gregory admits, but he realized that TrANS was the opportunity he needed to get ahead in life. He quit his job and committed himself to learning everything he could about the trades. “The first year in the industry is a learning time,” he tells us, adding “I need to take advantage of every experience to help me learn about this new trade.”

For Gregory, TrANS changed more than his career outlook. Construction gave him something to look forward to and take pride in. “I realized I had started taking better care of myself,” he says. “I was eating better, getting more sleep, and being careful to keep myself healthy for this new career, because it would be physically demanding.” His mental outlook also changed. “I knew what I wanted [before], but I never had goals,” says Gregory. “That changed when I enrolled in TrANS. I knew my goal was to get employed in construction and make a career of it.”

Today, he’s working with Western Remac, replacing signage throughout southern Wisconsin. “I’m growing as a person,” he says. “This job means the world to me. There is a huge amount of pride to look at what I have helped to create. To see the changes within myself and to see my life as it is now means more than I can express.”

Way to go, Gregory!