Corisa’s Firsthand Experience

Corisa looked around. Her instructor had just asked the class to break into groups. She found a small group and started talking. That’s when she discovered three things: she was good with people, she liked collaborating, and she could help. It’s also why we know she’s going to be great in her new position with ThedaCare!

Corisa enrolled in our Office Professionals training to get a better life for her family. She wanted to start a full-time career with stable hours for her children, but it seemed like no one was hiring – at least not without experience. At FSC, Corisa found the training she needed and an invaluable volunteer opportunity.

At FSC’s front desk, Corisa immersed herself into her first practical office experience. She helped with everything from greeting clients to operating office machines. She felt more confident in her abilities each day as she applied her classwork to the field.

While talking with her classmates, Corisa discovered that they were also in tough situations. She knew how hard it was to struggle with reliable transportation or to afford good clothing for an interview. She also knew firsthand how FSC could help. Corisa went out of her way to connect with her classmates after hours and ensure they had the resources to graduate and pursue their dreams.

We know Corisa will bring her initiative and compassion to others in her new role with ThedaCare. Congratulations, Corisa!