Tyiquite’s Success

Today, we want to introduce you to a brave young woman named Tyiquite. Knowing that she wanted a better life for herself and her two sons, she packed up and moved to Wisconsin, where she didn’t know a soul.

We first met while she stayed in a local shelter, beginning the process of rebuilding her life from the ground up. One of the things we quickly learned about Tyiquite is that “quit” isn’t in her vocabulary. No matter what obstacles life threw her way – and there were many – she redoubled her effort, focused on what was important, and kept moving forward.

With help from FSC, Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Salvation Army, she got ready to interview and start her first job in her new home. All of her hard work paid off and she recently got a job as a cook.

As one of our staff noted, this job “means everything to her. She is carrying herself a little more proud[ly] now.” She also plans for her future. She’s working hard, dedicating herself to success at her new job, while also searching for a new apartment and preparing to get her driver’s license by this spring. She is especially excited for something she hasn’t been able to do before: holding a real birthday party for her sons soon.

Congratulations, Tyiquite.