Opportunity to Shine

William always wanted to find a career where he could use his natural mechanical skills. He joined the WIOA Youth program to figure out how he could get started. All it took was the right opportunity. Today, William could not be happier to be starting on a lifelong career in manufacturing.

As soon as William heard that a short-term Machine Tool Training was available in the WIOA Adult program, he wanted to learn more. He knew that this was his chance to get in the field as a CNC operator. Before long, William was diving headfirst into 36 hours of training a week.

With the support of his WIOA staff, William knew he could succeed. WIOA covered tuition and even provided gas vouchers to help him with his long commute to the training at Northcentral Technical College. Plus, WIOA Youth offered him the chance to tutor as a paid Work Experience. He taught math and blueprint reading to other students in his training class. This was a great chance to prove himself while earning money for the future.

By the time he graduated, William felt confident and prepared. While he was training, WIOA staff actively worked with William on his job search. They updated his resume, prepared for interviews, and applied for work together. Meanwhile, the NCWWDB team helped William network with actively hiring companies. Soon, William had several interviews lined up.

Today, he is excited to be working with Wausau Window and Wall Systems. William says that the wages and benefits are better than he ever expected, and he is thankful for this opportunity. Congratulations!