To the Future

“Enrolling in [Wisconsin Works] was the first step to our future,” says Nadiesky, who fled to the United States a year ago with her husband and family. “I was a lawyer in Cuba, and it was difficult for me to transfer my degree in this country. When I arrived, I could only say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and needed an interpreter for most conversations.” Today, Nadiesky speaks fluent English, both parents have found good jobs through the Wisconsin Works program, and they are happy to be building a strong future for their family on American soil.

Nadiesky says that Wisconsin Works guided her family through obstacles they never imagined they would face. Within the first three months, however, their lives were already improving. The cash assistance, cultural education, and job training helped her husband find a good job. After recovering from a difficult pregnancy, Nadiesky also wanted to work. She seized every opportunity she could to move forward and quickly learned that co-enrolling in the WIOA program could help. “I started to study English, and I applied for other assistance programs,” she tells us. Nadiesky soon enrolled in a CNA program, passed her tests, and found a job that is turning into a career. “I am continuing my education to become [a licensed nurse]. W-2 and WIOA are supporting me in the process, and WIOA is able to help me pay for the licences,” Nadiesky says with a smile.

These programs supported Nadiesky’s education and helped both parents get clothing and gas vouchers for their new jobs. They helped Nadiesky find “a safe place [for her son] to go and learn at daycare” so she could focus on her studies and find work. Plus, a referral to Habitat for Humanity helped them purchase a lot to build their new home on. “When I arrived in this country my dream was to have my own home for my family. And now it is very close!… I could not feel happier.”

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Nadiesky says that her children motivated her throughout this huge transition. “It is very important to me to set a good example for my kids” she stated. “I imagine that [they] will go to the university… Thank you God. Thank you W-2. Thank you to all the people who helped me. It made such a difference,” she says. We are happy to see your family succeed in their new home. Congratulations!