Caring full-time for her newborn gave Jessica time to imagine a wonderful future for her family. In it, she helped people face life-and-death battles as a nurse during the day and came home to her loving family at night.  It did not take her long to realize that she could make this future a reality with the help of WIOA.

Jessica always knew she could be a great nurse. “I would be honored,” Jessica told us early on, “to be there for my patients, both physically and emotionally.” But the cost of a degree was too high, even with grants and student loans. The WIOA program helped her get the money she needed to pay for college and plan for a career in nursing.

With last-minute schedule changes and a demanding curriculum, Jessica often had to find childcare unexpectedly. WIOA staff helped her make flexible plans and balance her family and career. They worked together on building a resume, applying for jobs, and practicing interviews. Within two years, Jessica welcomed a third child into the world, graduated, and started working at a local clinic. She was thrilled to work in the field but wanted the fast-paced action of a hospital. Within another four months, she got it!

Today, Jessica is working two jobs, taking care of three children, and going for her bachelor’s in nursing. Her family is healthier than ever, and they could not be more proud of the mom who does it all every day. She still insists that WIOA made it possible. “I couldn’t have done it without you!” she tells us. “I love how you have always been there for me too and think it’s great that you are still checking up on me. The extra support means a lot!”

We are glad to see you’re doing so well. Congratulations, Jessica!