Strive for Success

Sue never dreamed that working in a nursing home would be the perfect fit. After starting a Work Experience through Wisconsin Works, she discovered that it was right where she always wanted to be.

Sue wanted to find a job she would enjoy doing. She was diligent about applying, but she never seemed to land an interview. That’s when she spoke to W-2 staff about starting a Work Experience. They helped her polish her resume and worked hard to find the perfect placement with her.

All at once, everything came together. She started her Work Experience at St. Joseph’s Residence as an activity aide and quickly discovered that “this is the job for me.” She started applying for nursing home jobs and found an opening at Living Tree Estates. “I applied and within 2 days, I was called [and] had an immediate job interview that day.”

“I left there with confidence that I had the job,” she says. Sue was hired right after her second interview. Today, Sue is enjoying setting up her new, three-bedroom apartment. She is saving for a car and plans to keep this job long-term. Sue is thankful that Wisconsin Works opened her eyes to a job she really enjoys. She encourages others to “strive for the job that is right for you. You will know when [that is] when you can get up in the morning and look forward to going to work.”

Congratulations, Sue!