Practice Brings New Opportunities

Coming to the U.S. from a Somalia engulfed in civil wars for decades, Said wanted to give his family the opportunity for a fresh start and peaceful life in Wisconsin. Enrolling in Road to Livelihood this May gave Said the chance to build on his solid work ethic with a new job and a new outlook on the opportunities ahead!

A Road to Livelihood specialized hospitality training course gave Said a chance to practice his English, while learning the ins and outs of a new profession. He was determined to speak confidently about himself and his experiences during interviews. His practice soon paid off.

During a tour of the Hyatt, Said’s professional appearance and diligence caught the attention of their HR Director, Megan. She immediately asked about bringing him over for an interview. His RTL Account Representative Liban, helped throughout the interview process, while Megan eagerly introduced him to the other staff.

Today, Said has been working as a Public Attendant for almost one month and is thrilled about the opportunity! His family is getting settled and is starting to look at Wisconsin as their new home. Congratulations!