Surpassing Expectations

It was late one night after a long day’s work at the cleaning service. Five months pregnant, Ajuana was doing all she could to find a safe place for her two-year old daughter to call home. After the divorce, her little girl was diagnosed with lead poisoning, the Department of Health condemned their house, and Ajuana was left to look for a new home. “I was sleeping in my car and moving from house to house. All I knew was I had to get a roof over my head so that I could have my child back safe and sound with me.” Ajuana saved every dime she had to move to a small town, where she found a part-time job that gave her just enough money for gas. She wanted more for her family, so she enrolled in Wisconsin Works and FSET.

Today, Ajuana has a full-time job with Wilson Hurd. “I felt truly blessed!” she tells us. “I accomplished all my goals in less than 2 months with the assistance of the W-2/FSET program! [My case manager] Renee gave me the push I needed, she believed I could do it when I doubted myself.” Although juggling doctor’s appointments, a job search, and a part-time job was nearly overwhelming, Ajuana trusted Renee’s advice, and her assurance gave Ajuana the strength to pull through.

Late one night, just when Ajuana felt like giving up, that’s when she got the call from Wilson Hurd. “My heart jumped for joy,” says Ajuana. “We scheduled an interview that very next day.” She had a long interview, meeting “everyone in the plant, even the V.P. of Operations.” They sent her an offer that night. “It was at this point that I realized I didn’t have child care.I went in to see my W-2/FSET case manager Renee and she was on the move! She put in some calls and not only did she secure child care for my two-year old but for the one on the way as well. Made sure I had gas vouchers to get back and forth to work and offered steel toes if I needed them. She went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed.”

“Since my employment with Wilson Hurd, I was promoted in the first week from Wifi Satellite Lead to Quality Assurance Specialist. I have my own office and a place at the round table with the V.P’s and Engineers within the company. I love my job!” Ajuana is due this month. She and Renee have already come up with a game plan for her maternity leave. “I also work with my case manager giving her job leads for others in the program, who just need a break like I did.”

Wonderful, Ajuana! We are so happy for you!