Lonnie was close to a touchdown, but he fumbled the ball at the last second. At least, that’s how he felt after getting multiple interviews without landing a job. Like a football player in training, Lonnie worked from morning until night to find a job, but he had hit a bad streak. His game changed with the help of the FSET team, and we are proud to announce that he has scored a great full-time job with benefits.

“I am so glad I was in this program,” says Lonnie. “Kristin and Chantell [were] always so positive about my situation and I give them so much respect.” Kristin, his Account Representative, became an advocate for Lonnie. She called employers for feedback on interviews and encouraging them to keep in touch about new positions. She also gave Lonnie job leads and helped him develop a great resume. Meanwhile, Chantell became his coach. She helped him perfect his interview strategy, apply for jobs that matched his experiences, and boost his morale when things got tough.

Today, Lonnie says he feels more confident in his abilities, and he feels like he was given a “great opportunity” to learn with the FSET program. He is putting his work ethic into practice at his new job, where he plans to excel and grow.

Congratulations, Lonnie!