Turning a Refuge into a Home

Almost three years ago, Daphrose brought her family to safety from the war torn Congo. The U.S. offered freedom they never had before, but she still had challenges to face. With few resources and little background in English, Daphrose came to the Wisconsin Works program to turn her family’s refuge into their home.

Daphrose enrolled in Road to Livelihood, part of the Wisconsin Works program that specializes in helping refugees. They helped her get bus vouchers so she could learn her way around the area and start taking English classes. She enrolled in classes at Fox Valley Technical College and Fox Valley Literacy Council. She started connecting with her community even better through theĀ ELL (English Language Learner’s) Job Club hosted by Forward Service Corporation every Thursday. As Daphrose became more comfortable with her surroundings, she started looking for work.

She discussed her needs with her Wisconsin Works staff, and they helped her search for work with an employer who would be patient and flexible as she was learning English. The local Super 8 offered her work experience to get started in housekeeping, and within a month, they hired her on as paid staff. “Daphrose is one of my best workers!” her supervisor says. “She does a really great job, and we find ways to work around her language barrier.”

With a determined spirit, Daphrose says that she will work toward her dreams of being able to express herself fully in English and advance her career. She is grateful for every ELL workshop and plans to learn everything she can to open paths to her future. Congratulations, Daphrose!