Vanessa’s Success

Congratulations to Vanessa, who recently started her new job! After five years as a stay-at-home mom, getting back into the workplace was like entering a new world. For Vanessa’s family, though, it also means entering a new phase of life.

“Before having children, I was successful in the workplace and had a bit of college experience,” Vanessa tells us. She left the workforce to care for her family. Five years later, however, and she was suddenly packing their bags to leave home in a hurry.

“Essentially, we had nothing…no savings, no home, no vehicle,” Vanessa relates. She adds that “I did not have the current experience or connections or even self-confidence to figure out where to start to get back on our feet.”

Vanessa wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to provide for her family and reached out to FSC for some direction. “I did not know where to start. I was blinded by my situation, and I could not think clearly about how to get out of it,” Vanessa states. “My case managers and Job Developer helped me break down the steps I needed to take to be able to move forward.”

Ultimately, Vanessa decided that training would be her best option. “I enrolled in as many programs as I could, because I figured I needed as much help as I could get,” says Vanessa. FSC helped with childcare, so she had a safe place for her youngest to go while she started training. “I completed Job Essentials Training, Alison online training, and the six-week Office Professionals Course, and I finally have a resume to be proud of.”

Our Office Professionals course helped Vanessa realize her abilities and get up-to-speed on the latest changes to essential software. Upon graduation, she related that “I am confident that I will be able to obtain employment so that we can finally get a place of our own to call home.”

That dream is quickly becoming a reality. Vanessa met Americollect at an exclusive Office Professionals networking event and soon became the newest member of their team. She even found an apartment!