A Statement from Our CEO

It is our hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and strong during these critical times. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is posing new challenges every day, we cannot give up hope! Just like us, you’re having to make tough decisions and we wanted to share with you some ways that we can work through this together.

· You have more support than you realize. Know that Forward Service Corporation and our community partners are rooting for you and want to support you. Our office locations are open by appointment only and we are also equipped to meet with you over the phone and/or by video chat over the Internet.

· This too shall pass. It is important to keep this in perspective. Like Forward Service Corporation, you are strong and have weathered many storms in life. Your passion, drive and vision will get you where you are going. We are here to help you reach your dreams. This is only temporary.

· Be mindful and present. The situation is real and immediate. It requires us to be vigilant for ourselves and for others around us.

Let’s use this opportunity to make the world a better place.

Marcia Christiansen, CEO
Forward Service Corporation