Full-Time Success

It’s a story you might see in a movie: a homeless young woman determined to find work ends up finding much more. With a young child, no car, and trouble reading, Shantina worried about finding a good job, but she never gave up hope. Thanks to our FSET team, she now has a full-time job in child care and is going back to school to learn more about early childhood development.

Shantina says that the FSET staff were there for her from the first day. They had one-on-one meetings to find the right job fit, work out solutions for transportation and child care, and support her education. She gives a big shout out to the workshops in the area for giving her the opportunity to learn news skills and new things about herself. Setting out goals for herself, she wasted no time in making them a reality.

Shantina soon found full-time work at a local daycare and says that having a job she loves has changed her whole life. “They did a wonderful job,” says Shantina. Now saving for her own apartment, she adds that “One day I will have my own place and a vehicle and be successful.”

We have no doubt of that, Shantina, and we’re proud that we could be part of your story.