Juan’s Horizons

If you’ve been following FSC for a while, you might recognize Juan from a TrANS flagging class last year. Today, he’s got a full-time job, a new vehicle, and “many contracts in construction, all thanks to TrANS,” he says, quickly thanking his instructors, Lorie and Jennifer. “Without them, none of this was possible.”

Juan says that “all the support and practice TrANS provided” were the key to his success. Math was a challenge, “but with Lorie’s tutoring, I was able to overcome and passed all the tests.” They worked together to make sure that Juan had all of the skills and resources he needed to get a job in construction – from work clothes to gas vouchers, public speaking practice, and even helping him obtain his driver’s license.

“They made it possible to complete the program,” he insists. “Thank you all!” Today, Juan is excited to have a new full-time job with H. James & Sons and sees a debt-free life shining just over the horizon. Congratulations, Juan!