Lakeshia Fuels Her Passion

Imagine yourself sitting down at a local diner. There’s a light chatter of guests and wait staff bustling around. We’re mid-pandemic, but truckers still need a place to kick back as they haul their cargo across the country. As you find your seat, you see a woman recording some kind of testimonial on her phone at one of the booths. You’re intrigued and overhear that people can find her at Truck Her-logistics on YouTube. That’s Lakeshia, who joined TrANS to fuel her passion for driving and, in the process, brought herself out of the darkest spot in her life.

“The highway is therapeutic for me, and I love to travel,” she says. Through TrANS, she earned her Class A CDL and started her dream job at Prime Inc., where she’s positioning herself to become an owner-operator. As great as these successes are — and they mean the world to her — Lakeshia insists that most of her successes are internal.

The past few years, “I felt like I needed a miracle to overcome this dark shadow that I was stuck inside,” says Lakeshia. She went through a lot of turmoil and credits her TrANS instructor Ranard for pinpointing areas where she could improve and teaching her how to position herself for the best.

“To this day, he has always made me feel like he is with me with each step,” says Lakeshia. “He holds me accountable when I don’t go at things with everything I got. I think I can speak for all of my TrANS family (brothers and sisters of TrANS) when I say the layout of the program and most definitely Ranard was the missing link in our lives… I conquered my self-doubt and a host of insecurities which I no longer have.”

One day, Lakeshia hopes to own a whole “fleet of sprinter vans and trucks,” and “build a business of my own to help others who are in love with driving and who are willing to drive.” Meanwhile, Lakeshia recently aced her road test, is looking forward to a bonus, and is working through her 50,000 mile TNT test.

Congratulations, Lakeshia!