Shawana’s Success

Shawna had just gotten a teaching job in a local daycare when the pandemic struck. Working with others who loved youngsters was a dream come true. She was pregnant with her third child, and her employer readily identified with her needs as a mom. The only problem was how to get there. The city bus schedules were becoming more erratic, and her pregnancy put her in the high risk group for catching Covid — not ideal for using public transportation. Shawna needed a car of her own, fast.

Thankfully, fast is exactly what she found with WETAP. Shawna was overjoyed when she was approved for an interest-free loan to buy a car of her own. In a heartfelt letter of thanks, she writes that “I am very excited about the positive changes in my life… and my ability to obtain a safe and reliable vehicle for myself and my children.”

To her, this vehicle means reassurance. Shawna knows she can keep the job she loves. She can keep her children safe from the pandemic. She can protect and provide the best for her family — all without interest.

Congratulations, Shawna!